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Academician Chuchialin Sets a Goal

A round table session on Competences of Local Industry for Prevention and Treatment of Respiratory Disorders was organized at the XXVI National Congress on Respiratory System Disorders held in Moscow on October 18-21.

Professor Alexander Chuchialin, MD, PhD, chief freelance pulmonologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, Director of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Research Institute of Pulmonology, Russian Federal Medical and Biological Agency, RAS Academician, while recognizing the unconditional success of Russian medicine in treatment of respiratory disorders, drew attention of his colleagues to new problems related to the risks of side effects of operations and complications of some diseases. He stressed that Russian pharmaceutical community faces a serious challenge of searching for new molecules and development of new pharmaceutical drugs.

As a positive example, Alexander Grigorievich mentioned the case of Generium, a company developing drugs for treatment of respiratory disorders, including alfa-1-antitripsin inhibitor for treatment of patients with severe form of pulmonary emphysema, tuberculosis, lung cancer. Chuchalin also remarked the success of the company in the field of import substitution, development of a recombinant genetically engineered DNA-ase, degrading extracellular DNA. It is a drug that will help manage viscosity of inflammatory secretion. It has already passed preclinical trials. The academician remarked, that the new drug will armor HCPs with a new agent to treat severe forms of pneumonia, cystic fibrosis and other disorders.

However, there are areas requiring innovations. Academician Chuchalin mentioned the issues of therapy of respiratory infections and influenza complications. In that context he stressed the role of effective vaccination to minimize the risk of complications.

Academician Chuchalin also mentioned other challenges that Russian pharmaceutical community is facing, including therapy of atherosclerosis, blood coagulation disorders and side effects of currently used anticoagulants, which requires a focus on development of new, safer medicines.

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