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Alflutop – a Drug of Choice

On April 12 at the Moscow World Trade Center, where  XXIII Russian National Congress Man and Drug is being held today, a conference with international participation “Evidence-Based Medicine in Medical Practice” was held. The conference was moderated by Professor Anatoliy Ivanovich Martynov, Doctor of Medicine, RAS Academician.

In his introductory word Professor Martynov remarked that the healthcare community has developed principles which help swim in the sea of healthcare information and choose more effective evidence-based and innoxious methods of treatment.

Conference participants had new data of evidence-based medicine on managing patients with osteochondrosis, osteoarthrosis, pain syndrome, comorbidity in general practice.

Andrey Borisovich Danilov Professor, Nervous System Diseases Department First M.I. Sechenov Moscow State Medical University made a presentation on “Standardization of Clinical Approach to Treatment of Chronic Pain”. He told on the nature of pain, its causes and mechanisms of justified therapy. Touching upon the choice of drugs, he paid particular attention to Alflutop, developed and manufactured by the Romanian BIOTENOS.

Elena Alexandrovna Taskina, MD., PhD, Junior Research Associate of Metabolic Disorders of Bones and Articles FSBSU “V.A. Nasonova Scientific and Research Institute” spoke about the drug. She told about outpatient management of patients with osteoarthrosis from the point of view of evidence-based medicine. Special attention was paid to long-term treatment with Alflutop, told on its influence on symptoms of the disease and eventually on improvement of the quality of life of patients. Elena Alexandrovna remarked that based on multiple evidence we may say that Alflutop improves pain syndrome, but also, possibly, delays progression of the disease. Talking about its properties, she stressed that Alflutop may increase the synthesis of hyaluronic acid  and delay its degradation by decreasing the activity of hyaluronidaze. It is stimulating regeneratory process in articular cartilage, improves homeostasis of cartilage cells, inhibits development of superoxide radicals.

Brindusha Dimitrou, MD, Biol., Head of the Cell Culture Department of BIOTENOS, told about cell oxidation processes in degenerative diseases of cartilages and about positive effects of Alflutop for treatment of articular disorders.

In conclusion of the conference Professor Martynov  drew attention of participants of the conference about weighty arguments confirming the efficacy and safety of Alflutop which is , and it is possible, will be a drug of choice for management of patients with osteochondrosis and osteoarthroisis in general healthcare practice.

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