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Biosimilars: Unique Technology of Production

Production of ten new generation antiviral immunoglobulin and albumin biologicals will be organized in Tatarstan. It has become possible thanks to an original production technology developed by employees of  the Scientific Development and Production Center EcoBioProduct (Navebrazhniye Chelni).

Reseachers developed unique technologies enabling organization of issue of ten new generation antiviral immunoglobulin and albumin biologicals. Similar products manufactured in Russia, carry a potential risk of virus transfer and may contain hormones. A technology developed by scientists from Naberezhniye Chelni excludes the danger, as it involves inactivation. Besides, the new technology suggests production of biological products from biological wastes (e.g. from animal blood), thus there will be no shortage of raw materials.

A site for biological material processing with capacity of 1200 tons/year will be constructed inSabinsky region, Tatarstan . Construction of mobile biological waste dropoff points has started.

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