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Big Expectations for a New Molecule

Researchers from the Tomsk IFAR synthesized a molecule with a new mechanism of action. It may be possible that a new drug for patients after stroke will be developed.

Professor Veniamin Khazanov, General Director of IFAR says, that development of that molecule is associated with big expectations. And although it would not be reasonable to hope that the new drug will help overcome all cognitive defects, but there are arguments that the new substance developed by researchers from IFAR will specifically interact with the live cell and will give good results. We created a molecule which in our opinion has a promising capability to improve the cognitive function of brain.

The molecule was found in the process of targeted synthesis and tests in animals of a number of predecessors. Currently the researchers are only halfway to the success. It is early to make final conclusions. Long-term studies will be required to develop the drug much needed by patients and healthcare professionals.

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