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Healing Moss

Scientists from Siberian State Medical University (Tomsk) have developed a multifunctional enterosorbent based on sphagnum moss.

Sphangum mosses are known as dressing as of XI century. In the XXth century during World Wars One and Two it was used in that role saving many lives. It supersedes cotton wool manifold , evenly distributing the moisture in all directions, therefore there is no need for frequent dressing replacement bothering the patient. Wounds with sphagnum dressings heal quicker and do not rankle. Scientists suggested antibacterial activity of mosses, and then found wound healing and hemostatic action, as well as adsorption and detoxication properties.

Studies were performed on the basis of scientific center Pharmacia and scientific research center Innovation Technologies in Morphology of Siberian State Medical University. At the center of collective use of sorption and catalytic studies at the Scientific-Resarch Tomsk State University sorption mechanisms were studied. Pharmacological activity of mosses was studied on animals.

Scientists used dustlike fine particle powder of moss collected at bogs and dried.

  • The uniqueness of our product lies in its multifunctional potential, explains senior professor of base chair of pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology at Siberian State Medical University Nadezhda Kelus.

It should be noted, that existing sorbents are capable of  removing from the body extraneous substances of a certain type.  Activated coal absorbs only agents of cationic and anionic character, Polysorb of protein nature. However, sphagnum mosses are active for agents of different nature.

A patent for a new drug has already been obtained. To launch it at the market inventors are looking for industrial partner to decide together whether the new product should be authorized as a food supplement or to begin the process of medicinal drug authorization.

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