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What’s the Cost

To establish unified limit prices for drugs for all governmental customers the Ministry of Health is ready to spend 70 million rubles to purchase an informational system to analyze prices for drugs, where information on offers, prices and results of tenders and contract execution will be summarized. The analysis is required to establish a unified approach to establishing initial contract price for tender, to be applied to all customers, so that to guide them by practice of other tenders and detect price fixing facts, if prices exceed the approved maximum. Project authors set a goal to reduce the price difference at public drug tenders  by 60% in 2018; by 70% in 2019 and by 90% — by 2025. The roadmap of IAS shall be finalized by October 30, and the system will operate in test mode by March 1, 2017, and in final version – by January 1, 2018. The track record are suggested to be submitted to the government in the form of a report on region rating of public tender price levels on April 1, 2019.

However, experts doubt that the project may be finalized so soon. “The actual cost of drug contracts may be unknown even to the MoHs in regions where the purchase took place”, clarifies Sergey Shuliak, Head of DSM Group. “But even after the system launch and collection of information on prices, it will take a few more years to introduce the concept of maximum prices”.

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