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To Avoid Confusion

An order by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on prohibition of marketing authorization of drugs with concordant names has come into effect.

That measure has become necessary to avoid confusion when choosing a drug, and to avoid  the mistake of buying instead of children’s antipyretic drug Ibuprofen, Abufen, a drug for flushes, which is intended for women in climacteric period. However, drugs similar in name could be easily found in pharmacies. Coronel, a drug for hypertension and Coronal for angina, Pikovit – vitamins for children and Pinovit – drops for nasal congestion. The list may be continued.

It has become the cause of above-stated order, which will be applied to names of drugs undergoing marketing authorization (primary or secondary – in five years).

Thanks to the document WHO and Council of Europe recommendations will be implemented to prevent medical errors, frequently related to confusion with trade names of drugs with similar names but different effects.

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