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Wonder-Container for Drug

Our website already published a message on proposal of researchers from Siberia  to perform targeted drug delivery to the site of lesion in the patient’s brain. Now researchers from laboratories of RAS site in Tomsk, at the Science park of Tomsk Polytechnic University, offer to begin development of “remote control” drugs for stroke prevention. According to press-service of TPU, the proposed vehicles to the patient’s body will facilitate solution of problem of brain vessel occlusion and prevent formation of clots.

The idea concerns magnetic field driven nanocapsules, original containers for products. These capsules will deliver the drug into the site of clotting of the brain or another lesion.

Problems in vessel encourages WBC activation, high concentration of WBCs  may lead to clotting of a vessel, which is not safe. Reseachers propose to attach a nanoparticle carrying an anticlotting agent to the WBC, which will exert therapeutic effects in the affected vessel.

“Remote control” products will help prevent clots in vessels, and in the future bring stroke treatment and prevention to a new level.

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