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Cui prodest?

Representative of party Just Russia brought before the Duma an offer to change the system of public purchase of drugs, excluding requirement on purchasing drugs based on INN of the active substance from the law “On Contract System in the Field of Purchase”.

It contradicts the operational principle of a trend towards full interchangeability of drugs and replacement of one drug with another within one active substance. Adoption of the suggested draft of law will reverse the law enforcement practice and lead to purchase of drugs according to trade names. Cui prodest? – that was the question that ancient romans asked in such cases, which means “To whose advantage?”

Nikolay Bespalov, Director for development of RNC Pharma suggests that proposal of such draft of law would hardly be possible without lobbying efforts of Pharma companies wishing to promote their brands. Dmitry Morozov general director of Russian pharmaceutical company BIOCAD, is confident that the draft of law was lobbied by representatives of international pharmaceutical business.

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