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For Storage of Biomaterial

A marketing authorization certificate has been issued by Roszdravnadzor for the first Russian DNA-card. It has been developed by State Corporation Alcor Bio, a well-known Russian manufacturer of test-systems for EIA and PCR laboratory diagnostics.

DNA-card is intended for collection, isolation and storage of samples of biomaterials, mostly of capillary and venous blood, and other biological liquids. It is important that the card provides DNA preservation in a dried spot of biomaterial and a possibility for further DNA isolation or amplification directly from the carrier without prior nucleic acid isolation. The map for collection of biological material has a field for sample application on the spot for recording information about it. Each DNA map has an individual number with a bar-code.

DNA card enables storage of biomaterial samples at a room temperature as compact card files, so no refrigeration units are required for its storage.

Thanks to locally designed DNA cards several Russian research laboratories and institutions will be able to switch from expensive international systems, reducing the cost of research.

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