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For treatment of Hard To Cure Brain Lesions

A new drug for treatment of last stage of brain tumor, developed by researchers at Asymmetric Synthesis Laboratory of I.Y. Postovsky Organic Synthesis Institute, UR RAS, has passed preclinical studies. Ormustin is an agent of the same class as earlier developed antineoplastic drug lisomustin, already included into the state register of medicinal drugs and approved for treatment of lung cancer and melanoma.

“Both drugs”, says Professor Victor Krasnov, Leader of the development, “are obtained from naturally occurring amino-acids lysine and ornitin”.

Speaking about the mechanism of action of the new drug Victor Krasnov reported, that it acts in the DNA of tumor cells, leading to its modification, and consequently to death.

It will not be difficult to organize production, as the system of synthesis is universal. But it will be possible only after all the required studies have been completed. Currently only first stage studies, i.e. preclinical studies, have been completed. Phase I and II clinical trials are pending.

But talking about the future, Ormustin has all chances to occupy an important place in the pharmaceutical market among products used for treatment of difficult to treat brain tumors.

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