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To Minimize Risks

A draft of law of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation “On Making Amendments into the List of Drugs for Medicinal Use and the Order of Inclusion of Drugs for Medicinal Use” entitled to strict record keeping and storage, approved by the order of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation of January 20, 2014 No 30n” is being discussed.

As follows from the explanatory note, the proposed amendments will promote minimization of risks related to medicinal drugs used without prescription by healthcare professional.

The above-mentioned amendments are introduced because of the need to specify wordings of groups of drugs. Besides, because of violation of requirements for indication, prescription, dispensing of drugs, which may provoke serious consequences for patient. To avoid that, additional measures of control, related to maintaining  strict record keeping and storage  of the prescribed drugs should be established.

Proposed amendments require approval by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Public discussion of the project of law will continue until December 5, 2016.

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