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More Affordable Versus International Analogues

Triptorelin-long (INN – triptorelin), a local drug, will soon appear in the Russian pharma market. It has been developed by a Russian pharma company Nativa specialized in development and manufacture of generic and original drugs in the areas of pulmonology, endocrinology, oncology, gynecology and neurology.

Triptorelin-long, introduced to the market by Nativa, is based on the active substance of triptorelin acetate. It will be used for treatment of prostate cancer, fibromyoma, endometriosis and for treatment of female infertility. It is the second drug from the group of gonadotropin releasing hormone group in the Nativa product portfolio. It is on the Vital and Essential Drug list. Russian generic Triptorelin-long will be 20-30 per cent less expensive than its international analogues.

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