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EAEU: To Guarantee Compliance with the Pharma Standards

A Pharmacopoeia Committee has been established at the Eurasia Economic Commission. It will be engaged in development of the Union Pharmacopoeia – the basic drug quality code. These efforts will require harmonization of national pharmacopoeias and compendial standards in the EPEU member countries.

The Pharmacopoeial Committee of the EAEU which is to undertake that work, included specialists in the field of pharmacia, pharmaceutical chemistry, analytical chemistry and veterinary pharmacia, representing all the Union member countries. They are performing expertise of compendial articles for quality control, test methods of pharmaceutical properties, purity of the pharmaceutical substances, safety etc.

The aim of this work is to establish the required target quality for drug manufacturers, to provide a guarantee for consumers that the drugs, launched to the the EAEU market, comply with the standard.

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