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Factors are Stubborn Things

Russian innovative company Generium is launching an open prospective non-comparative multicenter clinical study of efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetics of the first Russian drug for treatment of Hemophilia A octofactor (IN – moroctocog alfa).

It is a recombinant compound of VIII blood coagulation factor required for treatment of hemophilia A. It successfully passed a number of clinical trials involving adult patients and adolescents, and proved to be effective, safe. It is approved in Russia. Currently it is used for treatment of adults and is included into the Vital and Essential Drug List and into the 7 Nosologies list.

New clinical trials will be held in children in two age cohorts of 2 to 12 years with severe forms of hemophilia A. If positive evidence is obtained, the new drug will be approved for treatment of hemophilia A in children.

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