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False Products in Clear View

American scientists offer a simple and inexpensive test-system to detect false or expired drugs.

The test-system developed by employees from the Universities of Hamline and Notre-Dame, is a paper base with 12 strips divided by wax compartments. Strips contain a set of indicators, which are stained on interaction with the product. According to their color the quality of the drug versus reference may be assessed visually or using a smartphone application.

Currently the test helps check for suitability generally used antibiotics, which are the most commonly falsified. The list includes the drugs from WHO list. But the development of test system is continuing, researchers will adapt it for rapid tests for illegal psychotropic medications and other drugs.

It is quite topical, for the global market of counterfeit drugs is not shrinking, fueled by internet-sales of drugs. Labeling – batch number, bar- and QR0codes and RF identifiers do not guarantee the quality control perfection. Chemical analysis will be more reliable.

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