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Pharmimex: Upgrade is Nearly Completed

One of the largest Russian suppliers of drugs and medical devices, PAO PHarmimex is completing modernization and is about to launch new production capacities of its pharmaceutical production site Scopinpharm.

Scopinpharm, a PAO Pharmimex affiliate since 2014, is a state-of-art manufacturing facility, fully complying with Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Its capacities include full cycle production of non-sterile pharmaceutical forms (capsules, uncoated tablets, film-coated tablets), secondary viral inactivation and secondary packaging of blood-derived products, and secondary packaging of sterile pharmaceutical products, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, cytotoxic drugs, beta-lactam antibiotics, homrones.

Currently a new production facility over 1,000m2 in area has been launched for manufacture of four stages of blood-derived products according to a Swiss technology by Octapharma AG and a modern control-analytical laboratory with state-of-art technological equipment for physico-chemical and biochemical tests of blood factors.

The blood-derived product production volumes are expected to increase to 346 thos. vials/year and will fully replace imported drugs for treatment of hemophilia in the Russian market.

New production capacities will enable manufacture of over 1.2 bln pharmaceutical drugs in the form of tablets and capsules.

It is of note, that the new production facility is designed to work over the full technological cycle, including preparation of raw materials, granulation, tableting, capsule filling and packaging.

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