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Once Again about Tinctures

Discussion of the  issue on alcohol-containing tinctures, actualized after death of people, poisoned with an alcohol-containing cosmetic bath lotion Boyaryshnik, is  continuing.

Russian Premier Minister Dmitriy Medvedev instructed the Ministry of Industry and Trade, The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Healthcare and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation to make amendments into the current legislation to tighten the rules of sales of alcohol-containing drugs.

An expert work group was established at the Ministry of Healthcare, which will discuss the possibility of introduction of prescription-only distribution of some alcohol containing tinctures.

Minister of Healthcare Veronika Skvortsova informed that the issue was investigated in regions, an at-risk group of 28 products involved in cases of tincture abuse was detected. Probably, some of these will be switched to the Rx status. The decision on each product will be made by a commission. If the tincture is safe from potential abuse, it will retain the OTC status, but if there is a risk, it will become an Rx product.

This problem is widely discussed at the State Duma. The member of the Duma Committee on Healthcare Alexander Petrov thinks that post-marketing research on alcohol containing tinctures is a required measure.

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