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Immune Process as a System of Equations

Employees of the Moscow Institute of Systems Biology are specialized in using a systemic-pharmacological modeling for development of new drugs. They offer a method of performing virtual tests for products inhibiting cancer cells. Besides, they developed a method for individual selection of chemotherapy for treatment of cancer patients.

This approach will help forecast the results of therapy, predict the efficacy of substances based on data obtained in animals, and will help find an optimal way of treatment.

Biological processes in the human body are described using mathematical methods. Cytokines, proteins and drug products are shown as variables, and immunity is represented as a complex system of equations. “Actually, we reconstructed the human immune system on PC”, says Oleg Demin, Project Leader.

Eventually we have developed a computer-based equivalent of the human immune system, which helps predict whether the drug will work or not. The authors called the program Immune Response Template (IRT).

Representatives of large pharma companies took notice of the new technology.

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