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Isotopes for Treatment of Cancer

Isotopes for radiopharmaceuticals will be manufactured at Tomsk Polytechnic University. The research reactor used is the only active research nuclear reactor under a higher institution.

A lutetium 177 production line with slight content of lutetium 178 is going to be launched at the research reactor of Tomsk Polytechnic University. These isotopes, which are not yet manufactured in Russia, will be the basis of radiopharmaceuticals for radiotherapy of cancers.

Lutetium 177 and lutetium 178 have properties which enable their use in medicine, according to Igor Shamanin, head of technical physics department. – They have a short half-life, and the energy of beta-particles is sufficient to radiate the cancer cells while sparing the healthy cells. Radiopharmaceuticals for radiotherapy are then synthesized based on these isotopes”.

Recently a line for production of  a deficient radioactive phosphorus-32 used for biochemical research, in particular, for detection of tumors and for treatment of some forms of cancer has been launched. The only Russian-based manufacture of the substance was suspended in 2012. But the requirement for phosphorus 32 on the part of biologists and healthcare professionals is continuously growing. Besides, on the basis of the reactor technologies and equipment for obtaining principally new radiopharmaceuticals based on samarium, renium, iondine, technecium-99 isotopes are being developed. Tomsk Polytechnic University closely cooperates with researchers from the Research Institute of Oncology and with the Research Institute of Radiology, including for the purpose of radiopharmaceuticals market research.

The research of radiopharmaceuticals at Tomsk Polytechnic University is conducted within the Strategic Academic  Unit (SAU) “Nuclear Technologies for Oncology”.

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