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Chemists from Kazakhstan are Preparing a Sensation

Clinical studies of a new liver regeneration drug are ongoing at a medical center in Nazarbayev University (Astana, the Republic of Kazakhstan). The new drug (working name Cytophat) developed by Karaganda state technical university (KarSTU) several-fold supersedes classic liver regeneration drugs. The drug is based onthermopsis weed, growing in the southern regions of Kazakhstan. Cytophan is prepared from cytesin alkaloid, extracted from that wonder plant, so the technology is not going to be too expensive.

The discovery was made by chemists from Karaganda over 20 years ago, and the new substance has been studied since then.  Scientific significance of the discovery made by the Kazakhstan chemists, is evident.

Product development is ongoing, But in the near future the scientists promise to introduce a drug, which will become a breakthrough for the pharmaceutical industry of Kazakhstan.

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