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Cell Technology of Diabetes Treatment

A new technology of cell-based pancreatic function improvement for treatment of diabetes mellitus developed at the Moscow Koltsov Institute of Development Biology was presented at the Biomedicine-2016 Novosibirsk Forum. Director of the Institute Andrey Vassiliev says that the institute is ready to provide the technology to the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation for further testing.

The aim of the research project is that specially modified cells taken from the patient’s body are injected into the  blood. They are reset to produce insulin. In some time the cells migrate to pancreas while continuing insulin production. Sufficient amount of cells that survive in pancreas may lead to improvement or even to complete recovery from symptoms of diabetes. According to Andrey Vassiliev, the new method of treatment is ready to be introduced into practice. The next step is to be made by the Ministry of Healthcare. The quicker it finds resources to test the new treatment technology according to the Russian guidelines, the earlier it may be introduced into the medical practice.

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