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Who Will Pay and Cui Prodest

The idea to unite the current registers of drugs is not new. A unified system of product account would be convenient and useful for all pharmaceutical market entities. But until now no one could succeed in pooling the lists together. Now there is a real opportunity to do that.

Chairman of the Board at SMP bank Artem Obolensky has established a company which is aimed at monitoring the circulation of all drugs in Russia. He established and registered a firm Platform, which is a founder of National Pharmaceutical Register (NPR). Its general manager Nikolay Duksin remarked that the company is willing to establish a platform to pool the information from all current specialized databases – Public Register of Drugs, Register of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property, Roszdravnadzor Register and others. The access to the system will be paid, and the users will receive a tool for cost saving.

According to Garik Tadevosyan, Executive Director of the “Pharmaceutical Partnership”, creation of a unique system of accounting of products will be profitable and universally useful. The register should be binding for use, but at the same time be generally accessible and free. He thinks that the government should partially reimburse the expenses for its creation, for witin the unique register business-processes will be optimized, it will help optimize the costs, increase the incomes, and increase the tax liabilities. Therefore, all the parties will win, including the state.

According to Grigoriy Ivliev, Head of Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent also deals with medicines patents), creation of a register is profitable for all the parties. He sees the unified register as a supportive tool for effective struggle against counterfeit products, a guarantee of identification of the drugs purchased, and available information about market prices, an instrument for control over prices for vital and essential drugs..

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