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A Drug for Age

Scientists from the Research Institute of Biomedicine at Altay State University are developing a drug activating the process of body self-production of stem-sells, for tissue regeneration, helping to mantain biologically young body state.

The work is ongoing on development of drug substances for treatment of anemia, degenerative toxic liver, renal disorders, radio- and chemotherapeutic effects in cancer patients .According to Professor Ivan Smirnov, director of the Research Institute of Altay State University, it is going to be an agent, stimulating production of stem cells reversing degenerative processes in human organs.

In the future the drug being developed may become a drug against senility.

Currently its anti-aging effects are being studied in protozoa organisms (e.g. worms), whose survival helps track the drug effects in laboratory setting. It will take at least five years to get the first results of tests in laboratory mice. If the fact of delay of aging through reversal of degenerative processes is proved, it will be possible to assess the results of laboratory tests in humans not earlier than in 50 years.

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