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A Drug for Pain Relief

A novel pain killer has been invented in Siberia. Contrary to current potent pain relieving agents, the drug developed by the Tomsk IFAR and Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Siberian Department of RAS does not have narcotic effects on the body.

The molecule at the basis of the new analgesic drug has been synthesized through a new class of substances. Its chemical structure is principally different from natural compounds based on narcotic pain relieving compounds. It affects other cannabinoid receptors and according to the data obtained, does not cause addiction characteristic  for central analgesics.

Analgesic activity of molecule was observed during comprehensive study of biological properties of the new compound.

Development of the novel analgesic was performed by a team of researchers: biologists, neurobiologists, chemists, pharmacologists, chemical analytics.  The development is patented in Russia. Currently the process of obtaining an international patent is ongoing.

Start of studies in animals is planned by the end of 2016.

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