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A Drug for Pain

A universal drug for treatment of pain of various etymology has been developed by the Institute of Chemical and Energy Technologies Siberian Region, RAS (Biysk) involving colleagues from the Tomsk State University. The new analgesic drug, tiovyurcin, with wonderful pharmacological characteristics, does not lead to side effects relevant for steroid and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. It is derived from glyoxal, and industrial-scale technology of its synthesis was developed by chemists from Tomsk State University.

Preclinical studies performed by E.D. Goldberg Scientific and Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine (Tomsk), have shown that the new analgesic drug improves pain syndromes of different etiology, has a longer period of action versus other pain relieving agents, without toxicities. According to a conclusion by experts tiovyurcin is of hazard 4, its toxic effects may probably compare to over-nutrition.

The drug does not induce drug dependence with chronic use, it has no effects on respiration, does not activate CNS, which evidences that the drug has no morphine like effects.

According to Alexander Vorozhtsov, Professor of TSU, Deputy Director of ICETSR RAS, Director of TP Medicina Buduschego, the new technology developed by Biysk Institute is a huge milestone for current pharmacology. Earlier glyoxal as raw material for hexasoisovurtsitan was used in the defense industry. Only now such chemical compounds have become known in medicine. It has been discussed in medical literature, but the key publications and all major developments in this field belong to Russian researchers.

Currently preclinical trials of the new drug are being completed. A patent has been obtained for development. It is planned to implement a common project of scientists in Biysk and Tomsk within the Federal Target Program “Development of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry of the Russian Federation up to 2020 and beyond”.

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