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The Ministry of Industry and Trade to Sponsor

A draft of order “On organization of review by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for the right to receive subsidies from the federal budget for Russian companies to partially reimburse payment of  fees for patenting Russian developments of manufacturers and exporters abroad and on organization of work for subsidies” has been brought to public discussion.

The need for such a document is conditioned by a low level of patent protection of local developments in the global markets.

Inadequate funding of Russian applicants is one of the most important causes preventing patenting of  promising Russian solutions abroad. It particularly concerns small innovative companies. They cannot pay for expensive foreign patents, that is why they do not file patents abroad, depriving their rights from proper protection and setting themselves in unfair competitive conditions in the global markets.

The new document is aimed at support of obtaining international patents and will help implement the public program of the Russian Federation Development of Industry and Increased Competitiveness. It will create conditions for stimulation of scientific research and development aimed at development of new technologies and materials, equal competition terms to Russian companies and facilitation of export of products with highly added value. It will help increase the patent activity of Russian companies and improve positions of the Russian Federation  on top international ratings, with a positive impact on investment attractiveness of local business.

Support of local applicants for patenting of promising solutions abroad will be a powerful incentive for  research and development, enabling equal competition for Russian companies in the global markets.

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