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Molibdenum to Help Oncologists

Chemists from Novosibirsk are studying effects of molybdenum clusters in photodynamic therapy of neoplasms.

The study involves employees of laboratories of the Institute of Non-organic Chemistry (INC) Siberian Region, RAS, Novosibirsk State University, Scientific and Research Institute of Clinical and Investigational Lymphology SR RAMS, SRI of Molecular Biology and Biophysics SR RAMS, SRI of Physiology and Fundamental Medicine SR RAMS, Hall University (UK). They are studying the effects of silicon dioxide particles in molybdenum clusters on laryngeal carcinoma cell  and have proven its effects in vivo for photodynamic cancer therapy. This is the first study of the kind, as effects of the above complexes in the practice of therapy of cancer has not been yet considered by researchers in detail.

The Institute of Non-Organic Chemistry and NSU has long been studying clusters of molybdenum and wolframium. It turns out that under ultraviolet radiation clusters of molybdenum begin to emit red light. According to Mikhail Shestopalov, Representative of INC SR RAS, if clusters luminesce in the presence of surrounding oxygen in unagitated triplet state, and turns into an active singlet form under its effects. Singlet oxygen in medical practice is used in photodynamic therapy of cancer, based on the use of photosensitive substances and laser radiation at a wavelength, corresponding to the peak of photosensitiser absorption.

Through development of various cluster complexes with particles of different size, researchers have found an optimal combination, which actively luminesces and generates singlet oxygen. In cooperation with their colleagues biologists, specialists have shown that nanoparticles penetrate the tumor (laryngeal carcinoma) and so cancer cells die under effects of singlet oxygen produced under ultraviolet rays.

Currently the drug based on molybdenum clusters is currently undergoing preclinical study phase.

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