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At the Expense of the State

A draft of law regulating the role of the state in supply of drugs for Russian patients with rare diseases was approved by the State Duma in the third reading.

According to the draft of law amendments that empower the state to cover the supply of drugs for patients with rare diseases included into the list approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, will be introduced into the Law “On Basic Healthcare Principles of Russian Citizens”. The list includes: hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, pituitary nanism, Gaucher’s disease, malignant tumors of lymphoid, hematopoietic and related tissues, multiple sclerosis (overall the list includes 27 disorders). Besides, the state  provides drug provision of persons undergoing organ and tissue transplantations.

About 10 thousand patients (60% of them are children) do not get the required drugs, as regions of the Russian Federation, responsible for supplies, have no budget to cover the needs. According to the draft of law subjects of the Russian fEderation will receive the required drugs supplied out of funds of the federal budget.

The list of diseases, that will be covered by drug supplies out of the federal budget, may be supplemented according to the Government decision.

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