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Monitoring Requires Time

Most Russian doctors (52 per cent) do not report adverse drug reactions. Many of them are willing to do that, recognizing the importance of information about side effects of drugs, collected by Roszdravnadzor. But taking into account, that the time reserved for a single patient visit in polyclinics, according to the current regulations,  is 12 minutes (5 to fill in the patient record and 7  min. for examination and collection of history), doctors do not feel it fair to deprive the patients of the time he or she is entitled to at the visit, which is too small. It turns out that the HCPs are willing to report to Roszdravnadzor, but there is not enough time to fill in special forms. Besides, not all doctors know where the information should be referred to.

The  conclusion was made by scientists of Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after Professor Voyno-Yasenetsky, Russian University of People’s Friendship named after Patrice Lumumba and employees of Regional Clinical Hospital who organized a survey among practicing physicians.

According to WHO adverse drug reactions are among ten top causes of mortality. Each year 197000 people die in Europe from drug disease. In EU all the required forms are filled in and submitted to the regulatory authorities in electronic form. Practically all large Pharma companies perform their own long-term monitoring of post marketing experience.

In this country the system of pharmacovigilance is not well-prioritized, it only remains to be done.

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