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Heparin-Based Products

It is planned to organize manufacture of heparin-based drugs at the priority development area (PDA)  at ZATO Seversk, Tomsk region. It will be the first Russian manufacture of heparin-based drugs used in cardiac and blood vessel surgeries in cardiac pumps and hemodialysis devices, as well as to prevent blood coagulation andtreatment of thromboembolic disease.

The project will be implemented by Saint-Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccine and Sera and Bacterial Drug Manufacturing Site, FMBA Russia. The project implementation period is three-four years.

It is proposed to develop a universal block for manufacture of heparin and small molecule heparin, as well as heparin-based finished drugs at the priority development area (PDA) in Seversk (Tomsk region). Production of heparin-based drugs may be launched in 2019.

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