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Musk-deer Drug


The Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation has announced budget investments into development of a research clinical laboratory for development and testing of novel pharmacological drugs based on musk of the musk-deer.

For step by step research, introduction of capital construction objects are required.

In the first place, at the Republic of Altay, at the Altay affiliate of the Federal State Budgetary Unitary Institution National Center of Biomedical Technologies FMBA a research and clinical laboratory and a breeding ground for musk deers in natural environment will be constructed and equipped. At the second and at the third stage laboratories at Svetliye Gori (Krasnogorsk District, Moscow Region) settlement will be established. The already available buildings will be reconstructed and equipped to host special experimental laboratories of research departments of FSBUI NCBMT FMBA.

Besides, a site for development and testing of musk-deer based drugs for improving physical performance and for prevention and treatment of socially significant disorders will be established.

It is of note, that the musk gland of musk-deer, a deer with husks, excretes an aromatic substance used in medicine and perfumery from the ancient times. In Chinese medicine musk of the musk deer is a component of over 200 drugs. It has been evidenced, that musk has beneficial effects on cardiovascular and central nervous system, and is a wonderful anti-inflammatory remedy.

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