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No Hemorrhoid

A new drug against hemorrhoid, Fissario, will be available in pharmacies at the end of the year.

This drug is based on nanotechnologies. It is a novel drug developed by employees of R&D Department of NovaMedica (a ROSNANO Company).

The new drug is available as a gel, its mechanism of action has not been used by anyone. The new drug is based on nanotechnologies. Researchers managed to improve its physico-chemical characteristics of its active substances, which had been incompatible before, by pooling them as an acquatic gel formulation. The product has therapeutic and pain relieving effects, supporting the evidence of recent multicenter randomized phase III clinical study at 18 clinical sites in Russian regions.

A new combined solution at the junction of two therapeutic areas has been used for the drug development: gastroenterology and treatment of pain. The innvoativeness of the new drug is supported by four applications for inventions, including international applications. A patent of the RF has been obtained for one of the applications (No 92606858).

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