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Our People in Africa

Epidemiological research of socially significant infection is ongoing in the Republic of Guinea by Russian researchers with Guinean experts.

Russian-Guinea Infection Epidemiology and Prevention Center is being established at the Guinea Research Institute of Applied Biology (Kindia Prefecture).

It is of note that thanks to the help of Russian healthcare professionals an outbreak of Ebola fever was successfully eliminated. But cooperation between Russia and Guinea in the field of epidemiology, prevention and monitoring of bacterial and viral infections is ongoing. The center being established is going to become a base for monitoring, study of infectious pathogens, development of diagnostic and preventive measures, and preparation of national teams on epidemiology, prevention and detection of viral and bacterial infections, endemic in Guinea.

Diagnostic tests for malaria, tick spotted fevers, yellow fever, Dengue fever, Zica fever, Rift Valley Fever have been developed and are being tested using one of the most accurate methods of detection of infection in the human body,  PCR diagnostics. Zoning basic of the territory for natural focal infections are being established.

During their stay in Guinea Russian specialists in communicable diseases have already trained about 270 Guinea specialists who passed a training course on epidemiological surveillance, biological aspects and detection of infections, as well as safety assurance in handling infectious agents.

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