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Science Helps Save Funds

Researchers offer spending cutdown for vaccination programs. The cost of vaccination involves costs for organization of a complex process of ensuring vaccine stability by means of cold-chain maintenance. The authors of the invention suggested a new, much cheaper way to ensure vaccine stability.

Inventors of the new method propose to add anion gold or polyethylene glycol particles into the drug, to ensure its stability. This is an investigational method, not yet approved. But it is already clear that introduction of nanoparticles into the composition of the vaccine helps increase the half-life of green fluorescent protein expressed by adenovirus from 48 hours to 21 days at storage conditions of 37°C (and 7 to 30 days at a room temperature).

The same effect is observed on addition of sucrose. The difference lie in  the volumes of excipients.. Much less is required in case of addition of  nanoparticles of anion gold and polyethylene glycol.

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