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Labeling Required

An experiment on introduction of labeling of products for treatment of rare diseases is starting on January 1, 2017. From that moment on all the drugs included into the Seven Nosologies list, will be labeled effective immediately. And from 2018 drugs from the vital and essential drugs list (VED) will also be labeled.

Recently Roszdravnadzor organized a closed meeting of pharmaceutical manufacturers with representatives from Roszdravnadzor, where these issues were discussed.

According to Dmitry Mordvintsev, Director for Development at the biotechnological company Biocad, it is quite costly – labeling of one drug costs about 400 thousand euros. But the expenses are justified: labeling will hinder theft of drugs in healthcare institutions, reselling, and will block the way of counterfeit drugs to pharmacies. Representatives of Bayer, AstraZeneca and Geropharm  who also took part in the meeting, confirmed their willingness to take part in the experiment to introduce product labeling.

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