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A New Form of Vaccine

A series of investigational studies of general and specific toxicity of Egg-derived live influenza vaccine, solution for intranasal administration have been completed.

Currently the live egg-derived influenza vaccine is manufactured by NPO Microgen as lyophilizate for solution for intranasal administration. The drug is manufactured as attenuated circulating strains of influenza virus of A/H1N1 and A/H3N2 subtypes and type B.

Currently NPO Microgen has developed a new drug form of vaccine – a solution for intranasal administration. It is convenient for use, as it comes as a finished solution.

During experimental studies, studying general and specific toxicity of drug, showed a good safety profile. In particular, no signs of toxicity were observed for single or multiple doses, or hypersensitivity potential. Results of preclinical sensitivity study has shown that the drug is suitable for further clinical studies and clinical use. Soon it is planned to launch clinical studies of live egg-derived influenza vaccine. If efficacy and safety is evidenced, the drug will be launched in the Russian market in 2018.

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