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A New Molecule to Give Hope

At laboratories of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow State University and Moscow Engineering Physics Institute obtained new molecules of selenohydantoines with antineoplastic and antioxidant activity. In the future they will help oncologists to treat patients with neoplasms.

Scientists studied effects of selenium on activity of the molecules being developed. Now the study of pharmacological potential in live tissues and in the live organism.

Selenohydantoines are derivatives of hydantoines used for chemotherapy of cancer. One of atoms of oxygen in selenohydantoines was replaced for selenium, and its chemical compounds are known as antioxidants with a wide spectrum of therapeutic activity.

Structures of molecules obtained were confirmed using nuclear magnetic resonance by spectroscopy, high resolution mass spectroscopy and X-ray structural analysis. Results of electrochemical studies have shown that synthesized molecules are antioxidants, and are capable to delay the oxidation process. They are also capable of binding to receptors that protect the body from oxydation.

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