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New Drug to Prevent Complications

Scientists from the Urals Federal University (UrFU) with their colleagues from the Volgograd medical University are working on development of a drug for diabetes. One of the drugs has already passed trials in laboratory rats and is a patented drug. It is a new compound which was found to have antiglycating effects, i.e. relieves complications related to blood vessel, renal and vision impairment secondary to diabetes. It is a unique product both in Russia and internationally. It is undergoing preclinical trial phase, and clinical trials in humans will be the next step.

One of developers of the new drug, a postgraduate student of Chemical and Technological University Irina Sapozhnikova told that development of drugs with such action was performed earlier, but until now all drugs with antiglycosylating effects were highly toxic and didn’t even reach the  trial stage. If a drug with acceptable safety profile emerges, it will be  used concomitantly with other glucose lowering agents, preventing complications of diabetes.

Currently the toxicity of the new drug and its pharmacological properties are being studied. It will take a few months to prepare for studies in humans.

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