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New weapons against “silent killer”

Group of companies ChemRar is developing innovative drugs for treatment of chronic hepatitis C – one of the most complex diseases, known under the name of “silent killer”.

The first line includes innovative drugs ID-4025, AV-4058 and AV-4084 — pan-genotypic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS5A protein, playing an important t role in collection of replication complex and replication of viral genome.

Preclinical studies are completed, clinical studies are on-going. But even at stages I and IIа of clinical trials of ID-4025 safety of new drugs, good tolerability and high efficacy at low doses is evident. Monotherapy within 3 days led to a 3-order reduction of viral titers in the blood of patients, while the drug is considered effective for HCV provided a 2-order reuction of viral load at treatment week 4.

The second line includes innovative drugs AV-4201, AV-4244 and AV-4253 — highly effective nucleoside polymeraze inhibitors of НСV protein NS5В.

Drugs of the first and of the second lines are protected by Russian and international patents and have significant export potential, as non-inferior and even superior to similar international drugs.

According to expert opinion, the drugs developed by the State Corporation ChemRar may change current global combinatory hepatitis C treatment standard, excluding interferons and ribavirin and reducing the duration of treatment from 9 months to 3 and less and, which is most important, increasing the rate of recovery from 40% to over 90%.

Completion of development of innovatie antivirals with various complementary mechanisms of action for treatment of chronic hepatitis C within the Aviron project will enable Russian patients completely abandon traditional interferon treatment and get state-of-art highly effective treatment at a much more affordable price as compared to foreign drugs.

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