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New Class of Analgesic Drugs

A new type of analgesic drugs, pain receptor blockers, has been developed at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry named after Academicians M.M. Shemyakin and Y.A. Ovchinnikov, RAS. It is a principally new class of analgesics, as opposed to existing anti-inflammatorydrugs, antidepressants, anticonvulsants and narcotic drugs.

Simply speaking, a substance affecting pain receptors has been found. It is an important discovery, as until recently, no one knew how to relieve pathological pain related to dysfunction of pain receptors (which is a common cause of pain), as there were no compounds with specific effects on these pharmacological targets.

The substance developed by employees of IBC RAS based on arachnoid poison has the required properties. It is based on peptides, acting on pain perception receptors without addiction effects.

Researchers developed this compound based on poisons of spiders and anemones (actinia). The arachnoid peptide effects ATP receptors, and actinia-based peptide inhibits thermosensitive receptors. They have already passed the stage of preclinical tests. Clinical studies will help define the potential therapeutic indications of the peptide products.

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