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New Class

A principle for development of drugs of new generation is established. It is a new class of chemical compounds – RNA and DNA nucleic acid analogues. The discovery has been made by a researcher from Novosibirsk Institute of Chemical Biology and Academic Medicine (ICBAM) SD RAS.

According to Maxim Kupriushkin, general director of a resident company of Novosibirsk Academic Town (Academpark) business incubator, there are international equivalents of the development. However, researchers from Novosibirsk are planning to patent not specific compounds, but their class, so that to receive wide opportuinities to develop synthetic DNAs for various purposes.

It is of note, that the compounds discovered by ICBAM SD RAS earlier, are analogues of DNA and RNA nucleic acids with tailored properties which has certain advantages. In particular, they are not recognized by enzymes responsible for destruction of foreign substances, such as small molecules that enter the body in the process of antibiotic treatment. Synthetic DNA fragments may penetrate the structure of harmful organism and “switch off” a certain gene inhibitin the growth. Therefore, according to researchers, potentially any viral or other infections may be cured.

At this stage researchers are investigating compound potential for interaction with various organisms to find the most effective areas of use.

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