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A New Drug will Restore the Injured Liver

The institute of regenerative  medicine at the First Moscow State Medical Institute named after I.M. Sechenov developed a drug which will soon help protect liver against negative effects.

The peptide drug obtained from liver of neonatal pig induces the process of liver recovery which will help maintain the health of the organ. Tests were performed in animals with toxic, surgical and other significant liver injuries, until recently fatal for animals. But the new product saved their life. The liver began to restore , animals did not die.

According to Alexey Liundup the Head of Department of Advanced Cell Technologies the drug will be developed both in the form of injections (for the most severe cases) and as tablets to be taken at increased load on liver (toxic drugs, alcohol).

A laboratory toxicological procedure for obtaining the drug has already been prepared. In 2017 it was planned to begin its clinical trials to assess safety and efficacy.

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