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A Window for a New Form of Methacetamol

Researchers from Novosibirsk, who developed a less toxic paracetamol equivalent (methacetamol) a few years ago, continued research and have found a method to reproduce the substance.

The search for the ways to reproduce the new substance was performed by employees of the solid body chemistry chair at the Novosibirsk University, scientists form institutes of Geology and Mineralogy named after V.S. Sobolev and Chemistry of Solids and Mechanochemistry of Siberian Department of RAS in cooperation with their colleagues from Edinburgh. The problem was that a molten mass of a stable form after cooling produced either a metastable (i.e. new) or a stable form, depending on the rate of cooling. A metastable form is obtained with slow cooling, and a stable form – with quick cooling.

According to the acting Head of the Solid Chemistry Chair at the Novosibirsk State University Denis Rychkov, during the experiment at the rate of cooling of 24 degrees per minute, 12 degrees, 6 degrees and at 6, a new form was obtained. Continuing the experiment, the researchers discovered, that at three degrees a stable form is obtained. It means, that we can talk about a temperature window of the cooling rate, i.e. about certain conditions, enabling to obtain a new form of methacetamol

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