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Oncodiagnostics – by Plasma Test

Instant diagnostic tests for cancers will be available in the near future according to a method, developed by researchers from the Novosibirsk University and the Semiconductor Physics Institute and Therapy and Preventive Medicine Research Institute. The new method is based on combinational scattering spectroscopy in blood plasma. According to the press-service of NSU, using the new method the researchers found out that blood plasma of healthy people and cancer patients, as well as patients with diffuse liver pathology is different by the level of content of some proteins, carotenes, which give the corresponding peaks in spectra of combination light scatter. However, blood chemistry is also a requirement. The test should be made after primary screening.

To provide access to the new method of instant oncodiagnostic test, easy to use and portable equipment should be developed. The current equipment is too expensive and heavy, besides, they require qualified maintenance. The researchers have ideas of design of simple and inexpensive spectrometers. If the production is properly organized, instant diagnostic will be manageable at district polyclinics.

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