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From Accusations to Prevention

Participants of a meeting of Roszdravnadzor Board held last week discussed the ways of restructuring of the system of public control in the sphere of healthcare.
The leader of the administration Mikhail Murashko remarked that Roszdravnadzor has to reduce the number of routine inspections to decrease the administrative pressure on business. However, the administration has to improve its performance, which implies altering approaches to organization of work. According to Mikhail Murashko, the task may be solved through introduction of risk-oriented model of control and organization of accurate, productive and fast work in all regions of the country.
The view of  the head of the administration has been supported by the Head of Administration for licensing and control  of obligatory requirements of Roszdravnadzor Irina Krupnova, who remarked the need for establishment of transparent mechanisms of control to make inspections more clear and accessible for business community. According to Irina Krupnova, establishment of a risk-oriented model will help remove control to increased risk objects, relieve bona fide participants from routine inspections and decrease excessive administrative costs, increasing the performance of each inspection.

In conclusion, the activity of Roszdravnadzor should be aimed at decrease of negative social or economic effects that occur as a result of non-compliance with legislation of the Russian Federation, and to achieve optimal distribution of public human, natural and financial resources and minimize unjustified intrusion into the operations of subjects under control.

To achieve the above goals the board of Roszdravnadzor has stated:

  • To establish “an office of strategic initiatives for development of control (surveillance) in the field of healthcare” and a “Roszdravnadzor project office” involving representatives of expert, entrepreneur and professional community, in-house reference groups;
    — define the key areas of activity of the “office of strategic initiatives for development of control (surveillance) in the field of healthcare”;
  • Develop and establish new approaches to organization and conduct of control and surveillance: pass from accusatory focus towards prevention of violations.
  • Develop an informational and analytical solution on automated platform of assessment of performance and effectiveness of surveillance efforts by Roszdravnadzor and risk-oriented technology of public control and surveillance.
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