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Against Fatigue and Depressed Mood

An LED lamp that helps to fight fatigue and depressed mood has been developed in Tomsk State  University of Management Systems and Radioelectronics (TSUMSR).

They set a goal to study the effects of low acceptable pulsation of optical path on human subjects. The work is based on own developments for creation of equipment for visual stimulation of brain in the form of photodiode glasses. The benefits of the new development has already been confirmed by medical workers, and photodiode glasses have already been commercialized.

“Our objective”, explains one of the authors of development, a student of TSUMSR Vladislav Kunegin, “was to create such a method for a common lamp, so that it can be used at home, at work, in home light appliances”.

He also stressed that the glimmer in the lamp will be perceived subconsciously, without even noticing it. The appearance of the lamp will also remain unchanged. Its driver will contain a microcontroller with procedures of different sessions, that may be operated from the mobile phone. At breaks between sessions the lamp is used as an ordinary illumination appliance.

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