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Pembrolizumab: a Chance to be Cured

The first immunooncological  drug belonging to a novel class of PD-1 inhibitors has been approved in Russia. Pembrolizumab is intended for treatment of adult patients with inoperable and metastatic melanoma, and with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.

The first approval of pembrolizumab occurred two years ago in the USA. Currently the drug is approved in over 50 countries, including Israel, Canada, India, European Union. Now it is approved in Russia as well. The markting authorization certificate for the drug No LP-003972, issued by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, has been uploaded to the website of the State Register of Medicinal Drugs.

Pembrolizumab activates the body defenses, giving the immune system the ability to detect tumor cells as “aliens” and to destroy them, giving oncologists a possibility to struggle melanoma and lung cancer at later stages of the disease. It also gives patients a chance to be cured.

Pembrolizumab will be available in the market in Q2 2017. It will be manufactured at an MSD site in Ireland, and the closing stage, including secondary packaging and quality control at release – in Russia, in Kostroma region, at ZAO Ortat, a company of R-Pharm Group.

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