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A legal project introducing amendments into the Federal Law “On Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs” has been posted at the Federal web-portal of drafts of regulatory legal acts.

That document prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade eases restrictions for growing in Russia of certain types of drug containing crops used for manufacture of potent analgesics. The problem is that 13 opium-containing drugs are authorized in the Russian Federation, manufactured from imported active pharmaceutical substances. Opium substances are manufactured by ten companies, with nine companies originating from the countries that apply sanctions against Russia. That is, manufacture of opium substances will have to be established locally to ensure full cycle of manufacture of narcotic analgesics. For that purpose plants with high content of opium alkaloids (morphine, tebaine, codeine) will have to be cultivated in Russia, as well as processing of poppy straw into active pharmaceutical substances and manufacture of narcotic drugs. However, current legislation does not allow growing narcotic-containing plants.

In context of current political situation (sanctions against Russia) the question of import substitution in the local pharmaceutical market in the analgesic drug segment is of key importance in the national security system. Nine of 13 opium-containing drugs, manufactured from imported active pharmaceutical substances, are included into the vital and essential drugs list.

That is the reason why a legal draft suggesting to remove restrictions on cultivation of narcotic-containing plants for production and manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

Public discussion of the document will continue until April 19, 2016.

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