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Helps in Climax

A clinical trial of original Rx drug Pineamin®, developed by GEROPHARM Group has been completed, and the company is going to launch it in the pharma market. The study was held within the framework of state registration according to an international GCP protocol at three leading research centers of the Russian Federation under the management of the leading experts gynecologists. Double blind placebo-controlled study yielded excellent results showing efficacy of Pineamine®, offered as an alternative solution for fighting symptoms of menopause without MHT. This is a very important finding, as many drugs used in climax (most commonly synthetic drugs of hormonal origin), although effective, may provoke thrombosis, overweight, liquid retention and increase the risk of breast cancer in women with genetic potential.

Now to remove the unpleasant symptoms of climax there is a locally manufactured drug Pineamine®, developed for treatment of neurovegetative disorders in climacteric syndrome in women with contraindications to menopausal hormonal therapy (MHT) or refusal to undergo MHT treatment. PPG (Polypeptides of Pineal Gland) are the active substance of PineamineÒ. In the woman’s body they normalize neurohumoral function of hypothalamus and pituitary gland providing regulation of mechanisms of menopausal syndrome.

At GEROPHARM-Bio (a GEROPHARM Company) a full cycle manufacture of PineamineÒ will be established in Obolensk. The product will be available at the pharmaceutical market in spring 2016.

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